1. Wooden Accessories Are Changing the Game | Wooden Sunglasses, Watches, or Ties?
    Wooden Accessories Are Changing the Game | Wooden Sunglasses, Watches, or Ties?
    If you have been noticing lately, mens accessories have been taking a turn into a different material...wood. Saying that, we get tons of questions on what are our thoughts are on wooden accessories, which ones look good and which ones should never be worn. So, That is EXACTLY what we will be going over today.  Sunglasses Wooden sunglasses, are definitely an improvement in our opinion. If you already own a couple of classic plastic shades, try picking up some wooden ones to add a little flare
  2. 7 Summer Essentials
    7 Summer Essentials
    I know I’m a little late to the summer essentials game, but here is my list of items you need this summer to stay both stylish and cool. Like I always say, menswear should be functional first. Therefore, these items are meant to keep you cool, protected from the blazing sun, and of course keep you looking great even without the suit. Also stay tuned till the end for an awesome giveaway I know you guys are going to love! 1) The Baseball T-shirt If its 95 degrees plus outside anything thicker
  3. The Sterling Jacket Review
    The Sterling Jacket Review
    One thing I love about what I do is that I get to be introduced to so many amazing brands, which I can then showcase to you guys. About 2-3 months ago a company called Scot E Vest reached out wanting us to take one of their items for a spin. The company specializes in creating garments to allow you to carry multiple items without it being noticeable. So for example The Sterling Jacket (that’s the one we picked out) can hold up to 25 items ranging from a full size water bottle to a iPad. So what
  4. Distil Union Wally Wallets
    Distil Union Wally Wallets
    We like wallets that help with the clutter. We as men tend to put so many unnecessary things in our wallet. We start saving receipts, business cards, and putting every credit card or debit card that we own. On top of that we might have pictures of our loved ones or whatever other thing we may want to carry. After a few months our wallets end up being so big that we can fit it in our front pocket because they are too big and we would look ridiculous having a bulge in the front. So we decide to

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