1. Top 4 Tips to Upgrade Your Game! (And a HUGE Giveaway)
    Top 4 Tips to Upgrade Your Game! (And a HUGE Giveaway)
    1) Dress Well This is what I dedicate my whole website and channel on, so of course I would say that dressing well is a huge contributor to being the best version of yourself. Here is a very simple scenario to paint a picture of the effect clothing can have. Say you have a well dressed man (maybe in a sharp suit, probably just came out of work) come up to you and say, "Can I borrow your phone to make a quick call?" You're a nice guy, so you'd most likely say yes.  Now in that same scenario,
  2. A Guide to Loafers
    A Guide to Loafers
    When it comes to loafers, there are basically 3 styles you want to worry about, You have the penny loafer, the horsebit loafer, and the tassel loafer. Each of them have their unique characteristics that make them great, and make them a versatile staple in every man's closet. All the loafers you will see in this guide were provided by JL Rocha. JL rocha, focus on producing high quality, hand made leather goods in Mexico. You can use "TMF30" to get 30% off your order on ANYTHING from their
  3. Loosing hair in Your 20s?!
    Loosing hair in Your 20s?!
    About 35 million men here in the U.S. suffer from male pattern baldness. It’s cause can vary from man to man, and it's effect can be noticed as early as your 20s. Good news for you (and me) is that there are great and cheap ways to fight off hair-loss and gain some confidence back! Here are 3 ways you can combat hair loss 1) Hide it Hide the loss and use GoFybr. Out the three solutions I will give you, this is the fastest, cheapest and gaurateed method. Within seconds of applying GoFybr to
  4. The Solution to Swampass | Sweatyballs
    The Solution to Swampass | Sweatyballs
    The problem with swamp ass is that its super uncomfortable, you get wedgies all the time and you leave batman signs everywhere you sit down and not to mention the horrendous stink it brings on.  So if you’ve ever had a sticky underwear from sweat, the you are a victim of swamp ass and I have your solution 1) Ditch the pubes I just did a video on manscapping this week where I talked more about that, trimming down the bush to a minimum will allow more cool air to circulate, thus avoiding

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