1. My Daily Grooming Routine | Smell GREAT Everyday (3 Ways)
    My Daily Grooming Routine | Smell GREAT Everyday (3 Ways)
    Everyone’s goal should be to smell great, whether it be from a specific fragrance or just a natural clean aroma. One thing is for sure, having bad B.O. is definitely not acceptable. This is why having a proper grooming routine is essential for every man. This is something you will develop as you go along, see what products works for you, what makes you feel the best. This will help combat sweat and bad odors, and on top leave you smelling great. This is why I have teamed up with Grooming
  2. Key-Bar Review
    Key-Bar Review
    We hate the sound of the keys jingling in our pockets or when we take them out of our pockets, especially if you have a lot of keys. So looking around for the best key holder we narrowed it down to the Key-Bar. People swear by it and praise their craftsmanship. After using it for a few days, I can tell you that now I know why it is such a loved product.  A Key-Bar, in simple terms, is a key holder. Instead of having to place all your keys on a keyring and having to deal with the jingling
  3. Secrid Wallets
    Secrid Wallets
    Protection from identity theft is of big concern to us and one thing that we as men use every day and that thieves go after is our wallets. So having a wallet with RFID is very important. Not all wallets have it and the ones that do, for the most part, are nothing out of this world. We were looking around for a wallet that was thin, good looking, durable, and had RFID. We were able to find one, it is from this company called Secrid. We tired two wallets, the Card Protector and the Slim Wallet,
  4. The 3 Best Fitting T-shirts
    The 3 Best Fitting T-shirts
    So as you guys have been noticing in my videos, I have been wearing a lot of T shirts lately. Mainly because I’ve been test driving multiple brands to find the perfect one. And I know what you’re going to say…Jose you told us NOT to wear T shirts, and while that’s true, my feeling towards them has changed drastically. I feel that a quality t shirt, that fits well is a suitable casual outfit (especially in humid summer heat) as opposed to a long sleeve. The first problem I had with t-shirts is

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