1. 3 Watch Styles Every Man Needs
    3 Watch Styles Every Man Needs
    Today, I wanted to discuss three different watch styles that you should consider buying. When considering adding a watch to the collection, it can get very confusing. There are so many different styles out there, so I wanted to discuss the three basics in my opinion that you can find a lot of versatility and style in. 1. Smart Watch I believe that every guy should have at least one smart watch in their collection. The utility of a smart watch is amazing, the only downside I’ve always had with
  2. 5 Confidence Enhancing Grooming Tips That Will Make You Feel Sexier
    5 Confidence Enhancing Grooming Tips That Will Make You Feel Sexier
    Today, I’m going go over 5 confidence enhancing grooming tactics that will make you feel much sexier. 1. Commit yourself to regular haircuts I know every reader right now, knows the feeling of getting a fresh haircut. You feel on top of world and that nobody can stop you just from that one haircut. Which also automatically boosts your confidence. Now imagine you can get that feeling all the time  or on a consistent basis, that  can only be accomplished if you go to the barbershop regularly. This
  3. How to Go From Ugly to Sexy in 3 Steps!
    How to Go From Ugly to Sexy in 3 Steps!
    Today , I am going to be showing you three things that you can do to make you sexier and more attractive. I’ve talked about what it means to be attractive and there are a bunch of studies that emphasize my point. When you see two people, if one person has a more symmetrical face than another, they are seen to be more attractive. Now that you understand that concept, you know what your goal is. Since we are not going to be messing around with botox and cosmetic surgery , here are three things you
  4. 10 Rules To Live By In Your 20s
    10 Rules To Live By In Your 20s
    Today, we are going to going 10 rules that you need to live by in your 20s. Now that you're a man, which means you need to take care of your business. The following rules are life hacks and mythbusters that you should know to succeed in life at such a young stage. 1) More crunches does not mean more abs Instead, focus your efforts on healthy eating and you're going to notice that once you start shredding all that fat, your abs will start to become more visible. 2) Always use a fresh high quality

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