1. 5 Summer Outfit Ideas | Dressing to Stay Cool & Stylish During The Heat
    5 Summer Outfit Ideas | Dressing to Stay Cool & Stylish During The Heat
    Man, it's been so hot lately here in south Florida! I completely understand, when it's this hot no one wants to wear a full suit or layers just to look good. So I decided to compile a summer look book of 5 looks to give you some inspiration on how to look great during the summer heat and still remain cool! This Lookbook is brought to you by The 5th Watches! In case you haven't heard of them before, it one of my favorite affordable watch companies in the market today! Check them out here and use
  2. How to Have Beautiful Skin
    How to Have Beautiful Skin
    Having beautiful, radiant skin is probably a goal for a lot of us men. Unlike woman, we don't have makeup to cover up our imperfections or blemishes, so understanding how to naturally have amazing skin is crucial. So I did some extensive research (plus some things I use) to keep my skin on its A game, avoid acne, and any blemishes or wrinkles. Microdermabrasion The MOST effective skin clearing technique I've seen is called microdermabrasion. This is a procedure where you go to your
  3. 5 Cheap Ways to Look More Expensive
    5 Cheap Ways to Look More Expensive
    So I’m a firm believer of quality over quantity, which most of the times means having to spend a little extra upfront and purchase a quality item. However I also understand that sometimes money can be tight and spending hundreds or even thousands on a suit is unreasonable. (you can check out my $100 challenge videos for more on on a budget shopping. The problem is that over time, the cheap clothing start to look cheap from wear and tear (it tends to deteriorate faster than quality garments). So
  4. Luxury Watches
    Luxury Watches
    So I’ve talked a lot about watches on my channel, but I have never gone into the territory of luxury watches. So today I want to talk a little about what goes into a luxury watch and a great alternative for a fraction of the price. I will also be going over this beautiful new piece that has been added to my collection by Don Kylne. This is a luxury watch brand, without the luxury price tag, I'll speak more about it as we go along. So what goes in to a luxury watch?  Materials This is what

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